An integrated solution for 3D Visualisation

The stereo 3D viewing experience has always had some issues associated with it, with standard screens suffering from dim lighting and requiring the use of 3D glasses. More recently, fewer graphics card vendors are supporting traditional stereo displays. Vision Engineering, a global optical and digital innovation and manufacturing company, have now changed the game. CONTOUR is the future of glasses-free 3D stereoscopic displays, designed specifically for GIS professionals.

Providing a high quality, glare-free experience, CONTOUR ensures user comfort and reduces eye fatigue, helping to maintain accuracy over prolonged periods. It also promises edge-to-edge sharpness in an easy-to-use system, with superb depth perception even on featureless terrain. As the UK reseller for Vision Engineering’s CONTOUR screens, we understand the value of this technology to the geospatial sector, and how CONTOUR screens are revolutionising the way we visualise and interact with geospatial data.

The Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland (OSNI) is the official mapping agency of Northern Ireland, established in 1922, and creates some of the most detailed and comprehensive maps in the world. OSNI heavily rely on stereo 3D visualisation, so after the discontinuation of their previous solution they sought a replacement for this part of their workflow.


A fundamental task for OSNI is to use remotely sensed imagery to capture land use change, updating their mapping and geospatial databases. To do this they use Hexagon Geospatial software, provided to them through IMGS, the Hexagon partner for Ireland. Specifically, OSNI utilise ImageStation, the production mapping and photogrammetry solution from Hexagon Geospatial. CONTOUR is fully compatible with Hexagon’s extensive product range so, working alongside IMGS, we were able to provide a fully integrated solution.

The CONTOUR screens have proved an invaluable asset to OSNI’s working practises, Aldo Moscato and Paul Doherty recognise that they have not just replaced their previous solution but expanded their capabilities and have surpassed their expectations. “The quality of the imagery display is second to none. The high resolution allows us to carry out our photogrammetry work to an exceptionally high standard of accuracy. The Contour screen has everything built in which negates the need for the 3D glasses and E-meter; therefore it is a lot easier to use. The transition to move from standard 3D screen to Contour ran smoothly and the quality of the technical support was excellent.”


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