Harnessing advances in Earth observation image capture, we apply human intelligence through machine learning, to enable the rapid analysis of risk- and climate-related change at any location across the globe. With a focus on building rapidly scalable and flexible AI architectures, we create information products that are accurate, consistent and reliable.



Accessing a vast range of geospatial data types sourced from a worldwide drone operator network and over 400 satellites with the opportunity for on-demand tasking.


Conventional image processing and photo-interpretation techniques, along with bespoke AI algorithms to detect objects, features and landscape elements and monitor associated change.


Enhancing  geointelligence through the fusion of alternative real-time data sources such as social media feeds, newsfeeds, anonymised mobile phone timing and weather.


Cloud-based delivery through online platforms, dashboards and via API, to enable easy visualisation and interaction providing new insights and perspectives.

“We have worked alongside the team at Geospatial Insight for a number of years now and over that time we have developed a fantastic working relationship. Through their willingness to accommodate our requirements and their continuous provision of support and guidance, we have seen them turn our far-off ideas into a reality.”

Dr Bev Adams, Marsh Advisory

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