What We Do

Geospatial Insight combines sophisticated data sources and AI technologies to produce trusted, reliable, and timely insights that empower our clients with a competitive advantage.

technical approach

A portfolio of market-leading information products and services has been created at a global scale through:

  • Extensive access to a vast range of geospatial data types, including satellite constellations and worldwide drone networks
  • Proven expertise in the development of AI algorithms to extract meaningful information from imagery
  • A focus on building rapidly scalable and adaptable AI architectures that enable agile product development, deployment and iteration

Beirut Blast damage Assessment, 2020

definitive insights

By identifying and measuring asset risk to respond and quantify the impact of damage events, clients will be empowered with the actionable ­insights they need to improve risk-related decisions.

Independent, unbiased and evidenced-based ground truths, deliver accurate, reliable and timely insights.

Accessible solutions

Empowering risk-related decision making with AI-derived global visual intelligence to:

  • Gain a better understanding of property risk and respond faster to catastrophe events in a world affected by climate change
  • Survey the construction, risk environment, operational condition and emissions of key utility assets
  • Provide valuable evidence indicators for financial portfolios; critical oil stocks, crop yields and changes in retail trends
  • Pioneer the detection of harmful emissions from space
  • Deliver cross-sector monitoring and measurement enabling clients to focus everywhere