HxGN LIVE Global: The Latest News from Hexagon’s Global Showcase

Last month I attended HxGN LIVE Global which took place in Las Vegas, NV. Caesar’s Forum, a cavernous conference facility located in the heart of The Strip, hosted the event which attracted over 3,500 attendees from 77 countries. Despite the new venue and large audience Hexagon, as always, offered a friendly and inviting atmosphere across all aspects of the event.

The Keynote presentations gained the largest audiences and did not disappoint, they were packed with news stories, product announcements, new partnerships, thought leadership and Hexagon’s commitment to the sustainability revolution.

President and CEO Paolo Guglielmini opened the conference, emphasising the importance of optimism in business, and announcing a new collaboration with NVIDIA. The aim of the partnership to advance industrial digital twin solutions that combine reality capture, manufacturing twins, AI simulation and visualisation.

"President and ceo paolo Guglielmini opened the conference, emphasising the importance of optimism in business"

The second day was Hexagon’s first Innovation Day, the keynote delivered by CTO Burkhard Boeckem, highlighted an exciting new product: Reality Cloud Studio, powered by HxDR, a powerful cloud application for reality capture data visualisation, collaboration and storage. He also announced Hexagon’s collaboration with Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation. A partnership designed to bring technologies together, integrating Sony’s advanced Time-of-Flight image sensor and software technologies to enhance the speed and accuracy of Hexagon’s reality capture solutions, including the Leica BLK product family.


Each division had its own keynote, the Safety, Infrastructure and Geospatial division’s was delivered by President, Steven Cost. Entitled Pardon the Disruption, Steve narrated a live demonstration of Hexagon Connect illustrating it’s potential to support multi-organisational operations, breaking down barriers to easily share and act on data in secure environments. The keynotes were followed by a multitude of focused sessions for each of Hexagon divisions, giving me plenty of opportunity to hear the latest news and witness use cases from across the world.

The Zone was the main display case for new technology. Full of insightful demos and lightning talks highlighting new processes and technology and giving the opportunity to speak to the technical specialists behind each of the product lines. In the Geospatial arena the focus was on M.App Enterprise and its ability to easily and effectively display visualisations of point cloud and 3D mesh datasets. The lightning talks showcased ERDAS IMAGINE’s deep learning operators and the new Google Earth Engine (GEE) Live Link.

I talk more about the GEE Live Link here but, in essence, it brings Spatial Modeler programming to Google Earth Engine, making it an absolute breeze to select data, use algorithms and combine data sources, either with other GEE datasets or a local dataset, and then output to either the Cloud or locally. It’s a real game changer for non-programmers to easily extract useful information from the plethora of geospatial datasets contained within GEE.

"It's a real Game Changer to help non-programmers easily extract useful information"

All in all, HxGN Live Global did not fail to disappoint and is definitely an event to consider attending, My take away this year was definitely GEE Live Link and I look forward to discovering new technologies and gaining more technical tricks at future events. In the meantime, full highlights of HxGN Live Global 2023, including Keynote presentations are available here: Video | Hexagon

*Photos from Hexagon – © Hexagon AB 2023