Geospatial Insight launches new EV infrastructure planning platform

locate ev infrastructure planning platform
Geospatial Insight, the UK’s leading provider of clean energy geospatial solutions, has launched LOCATE EV, a ground-breaking Electric Vehicle (EV) network planning platform, bringing together critical datasets and intuitive functionality to facilitate EV charge point network planning across the UK, for both public and private sector clients.

In the UK, less than 1 in 5 Local Authorities have a dedicated resource focused on developing and implementing an EV charging infrastructure plan, and over 50% of Councils do not have a finalised and published EV charging roll out strategy. With the Government’s ambitious target of having 4,000,000 installed chargepoints in place by 2030, current roll out level stands at around 180,000, the ongoing development of these strategies needs to be supported and accelerated.

The LOCATE EV platform, and the underpinning intelligence it provides, is enabling Public Sector EV infrastructure stakeholders to build equitable and future-proofed charging networks – whether they are looking to access funding, accelerate responses to resident and business requests, or looking to build the business case for utilising council owned assets as hubs. Local Authority stakeholders already benefiting from LOCATE EV include: –

  • Oxfordshire County Council

  • Isle of Wight Council

  • Milton Keynes Council

  • East Lothian Council

  • BCP Council

The Geospatial Insight team is additionally working with a number of the leading Charge Point Operators, including Be.EV and, enabling stakeholders to assess the right mix of charging technologies required to meet infrastructure requirements across our complex urban and rural landscapes.

Digitalising the most manually intensive elements of the site survey and verification process, LOCATE EV enables EV infrastructure stakeholders to rapidly and accurately determine current and future demand for charging infrastructure. The platform facilitates assessment and validation of effective charging networks by identifying situational and power based constraints to deployment.

“The complex UK landscape and lack of dedicated resource has been a critical limiting factor in the speed of charging infrastructure rollout. With the launch of LOCATE EV this is rapidly changing with 4.6 million people already benefitting from its deployment.”

Dave Fox, CEO, Geospatial Insight

“Geospatial Insight offered an easy to use, turnkey solution to quickly quantify the expected future demand for residential on-street charging. This was used as key evidence in support of a successful bid for DFT OLEV funding, providing match funding to that secured from Transport Scotland.”

Ryan Robertson, EV Infrastructure and Roads Assets Officer, East Lothian Council

“With LOCATE EV we can focus on regions, streets and individual sites to decide how we plan a fair and equitable spread of EV chargers across the regions we operate in working closely with our clients. We give access to the platform to our clients so they can see what we are doing and input into the process. This close collaboration works to bring better quality results. Our business model is to work in the communities we operate in to deliver a network for all of us. It helps us make a positive difference fast.”

Asif Ghafoor, CEO,  Be.EV

The team will be demonstrating the new platform at this year’s London EV Show from 29 November to 1 December. If you are unable to make the show you can find out more about LOCATE EV on our E Mobility page or to request a demonstration, please contact Ian Dee at [email protected]