Trading Intelligence

Energy companies, governments, and both quantitative and fundamental investors require real-time and precise data in order to accurately and reliably measure energy levels where there is little or no data, or where the current inventory data is poor.

Accurate and up-to-date information regarding energy can be difficult to source for some countries and regions and only available at an aggregated level where it is more readily available.

The unique combination of big data analytics and satellite image capture using the world’s largest constellation of high resolution, high frequency satellites provides precise insight into changes in supply and demand of oil at any location across the globe.

Oil Tanking, Singapore © DigitalGlobe

Oil storage tanks at Cushing, Oklahoma.

TankWatch Cushing

TankWatch is a highly advanced, automated technique for accurately measuring the oil storage volumes. Delivering four key benefits: first to market, most accurate to the EIA, most frequent and highest resolution tank-by-tank data.

Providing flexible contract options, a range of delivery formats and up to a 4 week trial specifically developed for use by oil traders and professionals.

TankWatch Global

For areas outside of Oklahoma, Cushing, TankWatch technology delivers additional global crude oil reports for other major storage locations. This will provide crucial information for places where opacity exists in the crude market, or where geopolitical events impact production and storage.

The service not only delivers crude oil intelligence but also storage levels for critical refined products and natural gas. This includes covered tanks, sealed tanks, and underground storage. TankWatch is entirely proprietary and delivers storage intelligence to the accuracy, time period and speed you require.

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