measure, map and analyse

Leveraging access to satellite radar data, historic trends in ground surface movement can be measured, mapped and analysed, providing critical information on the stability of major infrastructure and of the surrounding terrain.

Identifying Asset Risk

With access to an extensive network of satellite partners, fixed and rotary-wing manned aircraft and drone data capture specialists, imagery can be processed and analysed to output important business intelligence to identify and categorise asset risk exposure and degradation. 

By combining geospatial data acquisition with expert analysis, clients can improve their operational efficiency and reduce business costs.

Ekibastuz Gres-1, Kazakhstan. ©2021 Planet

Fusing Visual Data and AI

From pre-build to completion, regularly monitor the construction process of individual sites across a vast portfolio and collate this information within a single platform. Combining visual data with advanced AI, clients can remotely access sites in unprecedented detail to evaluate progress, assess programmatic risk and support a range of decision-making processes.

Analyse potential locations for site suitability, provide critical information on a number of risk variables and support environmental impact assessments and then monitor build progress to ensure project milestones are met.

With access to world-leading APSIS™ radar analysis technology, detect millimetric changes in ground surface elevation across all terrain and landcover types.