Erdas Imagine

Make the most of your data, the possibilities are endless.

ERDAS IMAGINE provides a comprehensive image analysis suite, combining remote sensing, photogrammetry, lidar analysis, vector analysis, and radar processing into one product.

The Spatial Modeler within ERDAS IMAGINE provides the power to create versatile workflows and automated processes from a suite of intuitive graphical tools. This is an extremely effective way to process and analyse raster data.


…the effective extraction of actionable information from raw geospatial data. It is the most powerful image processing package for derived information. It supports over 190 image formats and includes hundreds of functions, algorithms and analytical routines including machine learning algorithms.



The ribbon interface allows all levels of user to fully utilise the entirety of the powerful data processing capabilities of the software.


The Spatial Modeler allows the easy creation, modification and visualisation of complex processing chains.


The system has the power to drive geospatial workflows by utilising GPU, multi-core and distributed processing, along with a comprehensive batch processing capability.

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ERDAS IMAGINE is part of the Hexagon Power Portfolio, world leading technologies that combine the best in photogrammetry, remote sensing, GIS and cartography.

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