Premier source of crude oil storage analytics

TankWatch provides a satellite-based approach to deliver frequent and regular information reports across global oil storage tank sites, providing a unique insight into global oil inventories and reserves, tailored to meet the needs of oil traders and analysts.

Optimise Trading Strategies

TankWatch is the only information source that provides a true picture of storage volume dynamics through a combination of unique partnerships with satellite operators and data providers, industry-leading measurement techniques and profound knowledge of earth observation data analytics.

The service provides oil traders and analysts with precise, near real-time insight into oil tank storage at any location globally, enabling better price risk management options and greater decision making capabilities.

Maasvlakte, Netherlands Credit: DataDigitalGlobe

Oil Tanking, Singapore Credit: DataDigitalGlobe

Key Features

  • Active tasking and cloud penetrating radar ensures consistent time of capture in week/month
  • Only the highest resolution (sub-metre pixel) satellite imagery used
  • Precise measurement method which delivers consistent accuracies
  • Methodologies enable us to also measure smaller tanks
  • Rapid delivery – within 24 hours of satellite acquisition
  • Proprietary option available for client specific locations and timing

Client Benefits

  • Easily acquire measurements ahead of the markets
  • Identify the exact storage capacities of individual tanks anywhere in the world
  • Monitor capacities of all tanks across an entire site or multiple sites
  • Review historic site and tank storage volumes from 2010
  • Monitor sites to identify expansion or contraction
  • Identify measurable volume

Okiwa, Japan Credit: DataDigitalGlobe

Oil storage tanks at Cushing, Oklahoma.

Tankwatch Cushing provides the most frequent per operator Cushing oil coverage and is first to market with daily change in WTI stocks. Cushing is monitored on a continual basis enabling precise measurement and highly accurate insight into potential changes in supply and demand.

Investors are able to use this valuable intelligence of the WTI Cushing settlement hub to make improved, more agile trading decisions.




WTI timespreads were propelled higher in the last few hours of trading on Friday amid speculation of tightening crude availability both in the US and globally in the coming weeks. US refiners are now contemplating a bullish oil demand forecast this winter which could add impetus to runs in the face of already low road fuel stocks and strong margins. That could contribute to a few more weeks of draws in crude inventory at Cushing and nationwide, albeit not at the pace that prevailed over the summer.

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The oil industry is rife with traders and market analysts scouring the globe for innovative new ways to gather valuable information. In a highly competitive environment speed is king, with the first trader, manager or company to jump onto a new, potentially prosperous source of information likely to reap its rewards

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