A rapid and widescale transition to Electric Vehicles (EV) is a key component of achieving Net Zero by 2050. By fusing multiple data sources with advanced analytics, LOCATE EV delivers network planning tools that accelerate the infrastructure deployment process.

Current EV Infrastructure Landscape

With the government targeting 300,000 public chargepoints by 2030, more needs to be done to create actionable strategies to deploy the necessary infrastructure. The complex UK landscape and a lack of dedicated resource is limiting the speed of infrastructure roll out, with less than 1 in 5 Local Authorities having a dedicated EV resource whilst over 50% of Local Authorities do not have an EV strategy in place.

Electric Vehicles Charging 

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The LOCATE EV platform brings together critical datasets and intuitive functionality to facilitate EV chargepoint network planning across complex areas. Digitalising the most manually intensive elements of the site survey and verification process, LOCATE EV enables infrastructure stakeholders to rapidly and accurately determine current and future charging demand. LOCATE EV also facilitates assessment and validation of effective charging networks by identifying situational and power-based constraints to deployment.

Key Features

  • National platform for the UK
  • Multiple layers for visualisation and contextualisation
  • Aesthetic map-based interface with multiple backdrops available, including satellite imagery
  • Key functionality for considering power network constraints
  • Interactive on-screen content and granular neighbourhood level intelligence
  • Intuitive filtering for rapid modelling and insight generation
  • Instant on screen results from user performed analysis

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Client Benefits

  • Fully web-based solution means no third-party software or associated maintenance is required
  • No In house software, data hosting/management needed
  • Reduced surveying costs, more effective field surveys
  • Accelerated intelligence gathering across complex, city scale areas
  • ‘All in one’ solution removes user need to utilise multiple inputs for decision making
  • Test locations virtually before physical deployment, minimising stranded assets
  • Delivers evidence needed to access ORCS & LEVI funding