Property view

Accurate property risk information

Combining global satellite imagery with computer vision PropertyView provides accurate property risk information for both commercial and residential properties. Scalable from an individual address to geographically dispersed portfolios, PropertyView delivers granular data insights that integrate seamlessly with existing flowlines.

Property by Property Data

Delivering actionable property risk information from the application of bespoke AI algorithms to the latest imagery sources. PropertyView can enhance your understanding of historic claims and proactively assess new data to improve your risk models and future pricing.

By rapidly providing fundamental property risk data at both individual property or whole national property inventory levels, PropertyView supports the launch of insurance products aimed at specific sectors, such as SME, or into new geographies.

Key Features

  • Consistent, objective and unbiased property risk data observed from latest imagery sources
  • Access data for any global territory using a single account
  • Evaluate large portfolios with a single API call
  • Retrieve critical building information for both residential and commercial properties
  • Insights at a fraction of the cost of other data providers

Client Benefits

  • Complete, consistent and up-to-date information
  • Improve risk understanding and achieve accurate pricing
  • Reduce reliance on inaccurate self-reporting and agency supplied estimates
  • Accelerate quotations and applications with form prefilling
  • Automated remote inspection and selections, limits onsite assessments to cut overheads


Case Studies


When Hurricane Maria battered the Caribbean in 2017, the damage was indescribable. Antigua and Barbuda’s ambassador to the United States, Ronald Sanders, described the civilization of his island as “extinguished.” While varying in degree, the overriding message of sadness and loss was shared across the region.

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