Unprecedented access to a worldwide network of satellite partners

Partnered with all leading commercial satellite operators to give clients access to a huge range of satellite data capabilities. This virtual constellation draws imagery from more than 450 satellites currently in orbit, providing access to both optical and radar imagery at a range of resolutions and sensing modes.

The Service

Imagery is sourced and supplied to meet each client’s specific needs in terms of spatial and spectral resolution, resulting in timely image acquisition frequency.

Cape Barren, Australia. ©2016 Planet

Cape Barren, Australia. ©2016 Planet

Mailiao Oil Refinery, Taiwan. ©2020 Capella

Client Benefits

  • Full global coverage
  • Satellite data can simultaneously provide large area of coverage and high levels of detail
  • Rapid updates of targeted area can be supplied every few hours if needed
  • On-demand tasking available from many providers
  • Historical backlog of worldwide data


Case Studies

The Third Dimension – 3D Showcase

With an ever-increasing need for timely data and geographical understanding, governments and businesses worldwide continue to direct resources to obtain, use and understand geospatial data that directly supports informed decision-making.

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The safety issues surrounding tailings dams has been a hot topic over the past few years, with numerous failings causing catastrophic property and environmental damages. To minimise the occurrence of disastrous collapses in the future, there is a pressing need to understand the stability of these infrastructures and implement more efficient monitoring solutions.

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