Cushing Crude Oil Storage Report

Premier source of cushing crude oil storage analytics

Delivering actionable insight on crude stocks at Cushing storage hub, using a combination of the highest resolution optical data and specifically developed AI algorithms. A unique insight into crude inventories and reserves, tailored to meet the needs of traders     and analysts.

Tank by Tank Data

The report provides the most frequent per tank per operator Cushing oil inventory and is first to market with daily change in WTI stocks. The Cushing, Oklahoma oil storage site is monitored on a continuous basis enabling detailed measurement and highly accurate insight into possible changes in supply and demand.

Oil storage tanks at Cushing, Oklahoma.

Visualisation of crude storage volumes, Cushing.

Optimised Trading

Oil traders and analysts are able to use this valuable intelligence of the Cushing storage hub to make improved, more agile WTI trading decisions.

A variety of trading strategies can be employed from high frequency, front month trading to complex multi-strategy trades using a range of options.

Key Features

  • Highest accuracy in comparison to the EIA figures
  • Measurements delivered within 24 hours of data capture
  • Data reports delivered four times a week
  • More than 12-months historic back-test data
  • Flexible contract terms and competitive pricing
  • Custom delivery of data including API
  • Proprietary measurement options available

RGB and thermal imagery of storage tanks at Cushing.

Oil storage tanks at Cushing, Oklahoma.

Client Benefits

  • Monitor storage levels at trader’s purchased/leased assets
  • Build an event-driven WTI futures strategy and extend this to other securities which correlate to crude futures
  • Option for custom selected terminal locations
  • Understand the impact of government sanctions, policy, economic impacts and supply/demand stocks
  • Trade cash arbitrage opportunities which may exist




The oil industry is rife with traders and market analysts scouring the globe for innovative new ways to gather valuable information. In a highly competitive environment speed is king, with the first trader, manager or company to jump onto a new, potentially prosperous source of information likely to reap its rewards

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