Applications of space data and services for Ports of the Future

CACHE Net Zero thematic services enable ports to effectively plan, implement and monitor measures to reduce air pollution and carbon emissions associated with harbour operations, and thereby to deliver on increasingly stringent emissions control legislation and tighter energy conservation objectives.

Port Strategies for Clean Air & Clean Energy

Over 90% of European ports are in urban locations and therefore contribute to their neighbouring cities’ carbon footprints and air quality. However, emissions resulting from harbour operations and their impact on neighbouring environments are not yet widely monitored or validated, even though there is a clear link between reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality.

Introducing Cache Net Zero

CACHE Net Zero (Clean Air and Clean Harbour Energy) is a subscription-based service that helps Port Authorities, Port Operators, and Shipping Operators develop, implement and monitor the progress of strategies to reduce emissions and energy consumption. Key ports are now recognising the role CACHE Net Zero can play in guiding them towards environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, and net zero decarbonisation.

CACHE Net Zero Services

CACHE Net Zero is a suite of complementary services that are delivered through an innovative, interactive, cloud-based platform and are supported by robust data-driven analytics. These thematically linked services are designed to support Port Sustainability, Port Decarbonisation and Port Transitioning to Net Zero.

CACHE Net Zero Inventories

Air Quality Inventories: map and locate the main sources of air pollution while differentiating between emissions from land-side and maritime-side activities.

Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories: conduct baseline surveys of greenhouse gas emissions to develop and update strategies for port environmental sustainability.

CACHE Net Zero Analytics

Clean Energy Audit: independent technical and economic analysis of renewable energy potential and storage systems to support ports’ transition to net zero

Emission Monitoring and Carbon Reduction: data-driven analytics enable centralised solutions for environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and renewable energy alternatives.

Port Community Platform

The Port Community Platform is a complementary component of CACHE Net Zero aimed to drive the transition towards sustainable practices in the maritime industry. While serving as a hub for progress reporting and findings dissemination from CACHE Net Zero to the wider ports and harbour communities, the platform also aims to foster a culture of knowledge sharing, collaboration, and innovation among key stakeholders.

CACHE Net Zero Team

Clean Air and Clean Harbour Energy (CACHE Net Zero), brings together UK and EU leading players in downstream space data intelligence (Geospatial Insight Ltd), air and carbon emissions modelling (Redshift Associates Ltd), and smart cities (BABLE GmBH) to demonstrate a suite of space data driven services that exploit space technologies and advanced data analytics for Port Sustainability, Port Decarbonisation and Port Transitioning to Net Zero.

This initiative is being co-funded by the European Space Agency under ARTES 4.0 Business Applications – Space Solutions.


Air Quality

New port decarbonisation demonstrator project launched with ESA

Geospatial Insight is leading the CACHE Net Zero (Clean Air Clean Harbour Energy for Net Zero) project, co-funded by the European Space Agency (ESA), which empowers ports to effectively plan, implement and then monitor key actions that will deliver reductions in air pollution and carbon emissions associated with harbour operations.

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