A ready to react network of specialist drone operators

A truly international partner network of specialist drone operators, all working to agreed standard operating procedures and service level agreements, ensuring that imagery is acquired rapidly and to a high quality, wherever and whenever these services are activated.

The Service

Drone flights can be rapidly commissioned to acquire imagery in many countries, with the output ready to view in a spatial context through the VIP platform.

All operators are fully qualified according to CAA (or equivalent in-country) regulations.

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Drone imagery captured by FIREFLY

Client Benefits

  • Rapid deployment
  • Very high-resolution imagery
  • Flexible data capture options – for example can collect data beneath cloud-cover
  • Wide international coverage
  • Very cost effective


Case Studies

The Third Dimension – 3D Showcase

With an ever-increasing need for timely data and geographical understanding, governments and businesses worldwide continue to direct resources to obtain, use and understand geospatial data that directly supports informed decision-making.

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Beirut Explosion

On August 4th 2020 a vast mushroom cloud hung over the city of Beirut, created by a colossal explosion in the city’s port. With nearly 200 people dead, and over 6,000 injured, this has now been classified as one of the largest non-nuclear blasts in history, caused by 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored unsafely in a dock-side warehouse.

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Drone Imagery

Geospatial Insight invests in leading commercial drone company – firefly AI

At Geospatial Insight we are continually growing our client base, particularly in the insurance sector where the use of drones is a key component of our rapid post-loss assessment and risk management solutions. Aligned to this strategy of continually improving our drone-related expertise we have recently completed an investment in one of the UK’s leading commercial drone companies – FireFLY AI.

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