Asset Monitoring


Combining extensive geospatial data acquisition and analysis capabilities to identify and categorise asset risk exposure and degradation, improving customers operational efficiency whilst also reducing overall costs.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor utility networks through the combination of satellite, aerial and drone imagery and use sophisticated AI software to rapidly and cost-effectively evaluate asset condition.

Remote survey techniques allow maintenance activities to be targeted more effectively, improving network resilience through more regular surveys whilst drastically reducing monitoring costs.

Transmission Networks

  • Vegetation encroachment management
  • Integration of 3rd party data to predict incoming hazards
  • Schedule maintenance efficiently and reduce field time
  • Share network-wide information via M.App Enterprise

Construction Sites

  • Assessment of site suitability
  • Provision of analytics to support environmental impact assessments
  • Monitoring of as-built progress against milestones
  • Analysis and monitoring of competitor assets with discretion
  • Collate and access all site data within a single platform

Gamsburg Mine landslide, South Africa. ©2020 Planet

Ground Surface Movement

In partnership with Terra Motion, unique APSIS™ processing technology is used to:

  • Provide ground surface movement measures over time to show site stability
  • Measure accurately to +/-2mm
  • Uniquely work over all landcover types, includes vegetated surfaces