Surveying the globe through a network of expert aerial operators

Assembling a network of highly skilled aerial survey operators around the world to provide rapid access to high-quality imagery and other data options (e.g. lidar) acquired by conventional aerial survey platforms.

The Service

The partnership model is optimised to ensure that data is acquired rapidly and consistently to a high standard, as recent projects in the UK, USA and Italy have proved (see case study below).

Acquired imagery can then be made available to visualise and share, alongside other datasets and client-relevant data, via the browser-based online platform, VIP.

Hurricane Harvey Flooding, USA – 2017

Pescara Del Tronto Earthquake, Italy – 2016

Client Benefits

  • Synoptic view over wide target areas
  • Combines high resolution and accuracy
  • Acquisition can be tasked for specific places and dates
  • Cost effective compared to conventional ground surveying



Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

Hurricane Harvey had a catastrophic effect on Houston and its surrounds, displacing approximately 1 million people and causing an estimated $75 billion in damage. Rainfall reached 50 inches in some areas, and the storm unloaded 27 trillion gallons of water onto Houston and southeast Texas.

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Earthquake Pescara Del Tronto, Italy

When a 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit central Italy on 24th August 2016, it forced thousands of Italians into homelessness and precipitated 45,000 aftershocks and four more devastating quakes. Italy’s losses in the six months following were estimated at €23 billion, with direct damages estimating €4.5 billion.

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