Green Finance

Trading Support

Today’s financial system is one that fully supports and facilitates the transition toward a low-carbon economy. Sustainable Finance and ESG investing are dominant themes in current Finance – with $35 trillion of funds invested in ESG investments, and on track to reach $50 trillion by 2025, which will represent over a third of the $140 trillion total world assets under management.

Providing evidential, independent and verifiable data sources that investors can use to effectively audit and monitor businesses against their sustainability goals.

During the shift to net-zero, assets remain exposed to heightened risk because of changes to the climate. Banks, insurers, and asset managers are mandated to answer the regulator’s questions. 

What is the climate risk to a portfolio of property, how will hazard and vulnerability models change and what will be the impact on portfolio return?

Earthquake and Tsunami in Palu, Indonesia ©2018 Airbus

London Array Wind Farm, UK ©2016 Planet

Portfolio Screening

A level of support has been developed from within a core portfolio of management services delivering a screening service for assets scoring companies, sectors, and real assets to determine which might be included or excluded from a particular portfolio.

The process is flexible, enabling change to both positive or negative screening criteria as values and social expectations develop, particularly in the face of climate change.


Monitoring and reducing Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is a critical part of global efforts to reduce the impact of climate. GHGWatch has been developed to identify point source emissions to locate the most polluting industrial assets and infrastructure.

In addition to point source emission detection and monitoring, emissions across entire regions and countries can also be monitored and measured.


Measurement and Audit

From the measurement of real investment impact, visible on the ground, to the quantification of environmental, social and governance scores, reports are delivered and insights underpinned by quantitative data and qualitative analysis.

Whether it is monitoring a river to measure the environmental impact of polluting industrial assets or auditing a corporation transitioning to renewable energy and delivering social initiatives, the required intelligence can be delivered to demonstrate compliance.