stereoscopic 3d monitor

Designed specifically for geospatial professionals

CONTOUR is the world-leading glasses-free stereoscopic 3D Monitor, delivering bright, consistent stereoscopic HD images. Designed by Vision Engineering, this 3D screen is revolutionising the way geospatial professionals can visualise and interact with geospatial data.

contour in action

CONTOUR is the next generation of 3D stereo vision viewing, delivering high quality image clarity and brightness. By removing the need for polarised glasses, it enhances ease of use and operator comfort without compromising on its high definition and end-to-end image sharpness.

Delivering 4 million pixels on a precision mirror, the CONTOUR stereoscopic 3D Monitor projects two independent images to the user’s eyes, so each eye sees the subject from a slightly different angle. This process delivers crisp stereo vision and depth perception in a natural and efficient stereoscopic visualisation. 

Stereoscopic 3D Monitor Mockup
  • Glasses-free operation for user comfort
  • High quality, bright, glare-free 3D/FHD image
  • No cross-talk, ghosting or flickering
  • Superb depth perception, even on featureless terrain
  • Edge-to edge image sharpness
  • Simple to set-up and start using
  • Modular, maintenance-free operation
  • Deployable into operational environments with minimal set-up 

The CONTOUR 3D screen is compatible with most stereo feature extraction geospatial software, including those in the Hexagon Geospatial Power Portfolio range. As a Platinum Partner of Hexagon Geospatial, a unified solution can be developed for your specific requirements.

The integration of the CONTOUR stereoscopic 3D monitor with Hexagon Geospatial world leading technologies allows users to analyse, and extract information and intelligence from stereo geospatial imagery.



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