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Areas of Expertise

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Oil Palm Sustainability

An advanced tool for monitoring sustainable oil palm cultivation and the management of small holdings on a regional and national scale. Sustainability indicators:

  • Planted palm oil area
  • Oil palm plant age
  • Areas under cultivation in major and small holdings
  • Plant stress
  • Wide area burning
  • Weather impacts

National Mapping

Using the latest satellite imagery from leading suppliers, detailed topical maps can be created spanning whole countries. Key features:

  • Up-to-date imagery
  • Large geographic coverage
  • Small scale topological mapping
  • Thematic mapping including natural resources, land use and agriculture
  • Seamless and colour-balanced mosaics 
  • Detailed mapping without the need for field teams

Sentinel 2, TH-01 and TripleSat data used to map the Republic of Guinea 2020