Real Time Financial Datasets

Pioneering solutions for the finance sector providing syndicated alternative data for quantitative investors or proprietary research insights for private clients, family offices and hedge funds.

Alternative Data

Access a range of alternative datasets delivered in near real-time to reveal new opportunities for differentiated alpha, identify first movers against analyst consensus or provide leading indicators to fundamentals which when published drive market price movements.

Proprietary research insights support due diligence on stocks being considered for portfolio entry. Sometimes, the view from the sky does not match the report from the investment banker so additional intelligence provides a valuable evidence-based indicator. Once under management, research is used to monitor assets providing fundamentals ahead of quarterly reports whilst also tracking ESG and CSR factors.

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The systemic risk to financial services posed by the climate crisis requires a decisive transition towards opportunities in the zero-carbon economy. Equally, there is a vital need for calculation of climate risk impact on existing portfolios of underlying property and real assets.

Innovative products and services meet this challenge head-on, to leverage the advantage of real-time alternative data from satellite. Cost effective solutions enable screening and audit of assets ensuring compliance to tougher emissions, low carbon, CSR and ESG targets.

Emerging market demographics and a strong global recovery is driving demand for key commodities. These new demands, disruptions to supply and unknown volumes in storage cause price fluctuations driven by market uncertainty.

The TankWatch service has become accepted as the new paradigm in oil storage monitoring. The most accurate, first to market flexible solution for traders and analysts. Other services deliver alternative data solutions for energy, agriculture, palm oil and metals.

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Alternative data from satellite delivers accurate measurement of asset fundamentals to support and validate bottom-up analysis. Time series data of key metrics visible in satellite imagery further provide a leading indicator to price action in the energy, materials, industrials and consumer sectors.

RetailWatch car count data is available on Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point (BEAP) for over 40 brands across the Consumer Discretionary and Consumer Durables sectors. Other equities delivered include proprietary raw data, signals and indices that can be successfully incorporated into your models.

Supporting robust processes for portfolio construction and asset allocation has proven the credibility of alternative data derived from satellite. It further enables repeatable cost-effective analysis of asset risk/return, particularly those assets in emerging and frontier markets.

Quantitative and qualitative analysis using time series archived satellite data, reveals historic real asset performance to support due diligence. Alternative data can be provided for stress/ scenario analysis and tracking of real asset performance to validate holding period and time horizon.

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