Leveraging access to global geospatial imagery and other data, market leading analytical algorithms have been developed and applied to derive intelligence to meet a client’s specific needs.

The Future of Remote Intelligence

A global network of Earth observation satellites, aerial and drone operators, and partnerships with a range of geoinformation data providers, enables the rapid identification, accessibility and monitoring of locations anywhere on Earth. This then provides vital intelligence on changes effecting businesses assets, supply chains and the wider environment.

This visual intelligence provides a valuable addition to existing corporate information, enabling improved audit or monitoring of assets that would otherwise be near impossible to track.

Air Quality Applications:

  • Conduct CSR and ESG audits and monitor compliance to relevant standards
  • Understand exposure to poor air quality for health management 
  • Monitor methane leakage to reduce climate change impacts

Dar es Salam, Tanzania. ©2012 Airbus

Natural Resource Audits

Proven expertise and experience in delivering tailored geospatial solutions to clients across many market sectors. Examples include:

  • Topographic mapping of The Republic of Guinea
  • Forest audits in Tanzania
  • Gold and niobium exploration in Tanzania 
  • Nickel exploration in Zambia