Consumer traffic analysis

Leveraging access to a global network of satellites, RetailWatch provides daily consumer traffic data at major European outlets. Providing analysis of up-to-date satellite imagery to create and structure data that reflects consumer footfall and understand store specific trends. Use RetailWatch to develop new trading strategies or complement and validate your existing trading strategies.

Store by Store Data

RetailWatch uses machine learning and automated analysis software to produce rapid and precise car counts from major retail outlets across Europe. In-house geospatial analysts and machine learning engineers collate and structure data-sets capturing current and historic traffic information.

This data provides actionable metrics which traders, portfolio managers, strategists, researchers, quants and analysts can use to identify trading trends and predict future earnings.

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Automated car count. ©2020 Maxar Technologies

Key Features

  • Access data for 20 European store groups, representing 44 store brands across 21 countries
  • Monitor fluctuations in consumer activity enabling proactive analysis of retailer and sector performance
  • Validate and respond to significant changes in retail trends
  • Produce accurate sales forecasts and stock price direction
  • Easily integrate into data environments and quantitative platforms

Client Benefits

  • Quality assessed count metrics and time stamped data
  • Access to historic count data from 2015 
  • Licensing options for weekly and daily data delivery
  • Data delivered before European trading hours usually within 1 day of satellite data capture
  • RetailWatch Signals for event driven quant strategies, provides daily index per ticker and positive/negative trader indicators

Why RetailWatch

  • Time-stamped data files, delivered as csv files, over an API or from Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point (BEAP)
  • The only satellite source for European retail car count data
  • Unintrusive, independent monitoring of store activities
  • Use as standalone data-set or alongside alternative sources
  • Integrate into third party applications with ease