Renewable energy intelligence for community decarbonisation projects

Energeo - now part of Geospatial Insight Limited - are delivering a portfolio of renewable energy intelligence to support a number of community projects in the East Hampshire District. The deliverables include a rooftop Solar PV suitability database for over 25,000 buildings in the district, as well as an assessment of over 500 square kilometres of land for ground mount solar potential. These datasets will enable community groups in the district to rapidly identify the most beneficial locations to deploy Solar PV, and determine opportunities to aggregate projects across the region.

“We are absolutely delighted to be supporting community led decarbonisation schemes in East Hampshire” commented Ian Dee, Climate Applications Lead at Geospatial Insight. “Community energy projects are critical in empowering citizens and enabling them to make a real-world contribution to achieving climate targets, generating clean energy for utilisation locally and, in many cases, providing a long term revenue stream that can be reinvested in further projects or other regional development programmes.”

The community schemes are being led by Alton Energy and the Petersfield Climate Action Network, supported and mentored by Community Energy South. In addition to the renewable energy insights, Geospatial Insight will also deliver a detailed analysis of the grass verges across the District’s main urban conurbations. This data will support a proposed project to implement a reduced mowing schedule for verges in areas away from major junctions and intersections, increasing biodiversity and enabling the Authority to save time and money through lower mobilisation costs.

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Ground Mount Solar

Rooftop Solar