and Geospatial Insight Forge Strategic Partnership to Revolutionise EV Infrastructure Planning and Geospatial Insight have officially joined forces to leverage the power of LOCATE EV, the National EV Infrastructure Planning Platform.

LOCATE EV is a cloud-based platform that integrates critical datasets and proprietary intelligence to create a revolutionary Electric Vehicle Chargepoint (EVCP) network planning tool. Specifically designed for the UK, this platform, known as LOCATE EV, aims to streamline the EVCP deployment process by digitalising labour-intensive site survey and verification procedures.


By utilising LOCATE EV, infrastructure stakeholders can swiftly model and test various EVCP deployment scenarios, contributing to the acceleration of the EV charging point rollout across Britain., a key player in the partnership, will be deploying tier 1 of LOCATE EV to expedite the deployment of EV charging points. With a commitment to supporting the transition to a net-zero future, has strategic plans to further customise the platform to continually enhance its network planning and management competencies.

“Planning charging networks is complex, mission-critical business process for a public charging operator like Poor location decisions can doom the long-term viability of a charging provider, especially as it grows. As the UK’s public charging market scales up at an increasing pace, this strategic partnership improves our ability to plan larger networks faster and with greater confidence. This not only reduces risk for our business, it makes us a better long-term partner for councils. So by combining the expertise of and the innovative capabilities of LOCATE EV, we are confident in our ability to reshape the future of electric mobility in the UK for everyone not the few.” said Lee Cobb, Head of Partnership Solutions at


Geospatial Insight, the UK’s leading provider of clean energy geospatial solutions, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration. “Geospatial Insight is excited to partner with in implementing LOCATE EV. The groundbreaking capabilities of LOCATE EV align perfectly with our commitment to sustainable and efficient solutions for the future of transportation,” stated Dave Fox, CEO of Geospatial Insight.


This partnership not only marks a significant step towards a greener and more sustainable future but also highlights the collaborative efforts of industry leaders in driving positive change in the electric mobility sector.

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About Geospatial Insight

Geospatial Insight is Europe’s leading provider of intelligence and insight derived from the analysis of satellite imagery and other geospatial data, fusing these outputs with a range of other data sources to provide in-depth market insight and business analytics to clients in the energy, financial and insurance sectors.

Established in 2012 and headquartered in the UK, Geospatial Insight provides these unique intelligence services to clients around the world.

About Geospatial Insight Sustainability

With many stakeholders having pledged to meet carbon net zero by 2050, or even as soon as 2028 in some instances, an important step to achieving this is the widescale adoption of low carbon technologies and energy efficiency measures, but stakeholders across the globe are being held back by a lack of relevant, affordable, and verifiable data.

Geospatial Insight is tackling this issue by delivering actionable climate risk and mitigation intelligence sourced from remotely sensed imagery and location-based data, streamlining and simplifying the process of seeking out decarbonisation and offsetting opportunities.

From facilitating project aggregation to accelerating deployment, the intelligence created by Geospatial Insight assists with Renewable and Sustainable Energy Solutions, Sustainable Urban Mobility, and Emissions Detection and Monitoring.

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About is a leading UK-owned and operated specialist in ‘on-street’ EV charging technologies and services. The company is on a mission to provide an affordable public charging service that also provides revenue to local councils to help support better services for local communities. operates one of the most reliable on-street charging networks, thanks to its integrated in-house competencies of charge point design and manufacture in Coventry, charge point management software development, and in-field maintenance technicians. was the UK’s first public charging network to implement an off-peak rate – Night Saver – across its entire network in December 2022. This enables homes without driveways to access cheaper rates for their everyday charging and helps EVs play a greater role supporting an increasing renewables-based electricity grid. has around 3,000 public charge points in operation, making it the UK’s fourth largest public charging operator. It aims to operate 100,000 charge points by 2030 and is collaborating in Vauxhall’s Electric Streets of Britain initiative to bring greater on-street charging provision to communities without driveways.

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