Geospatial Insight launches best in class oil storage information service

London, 12th February 2018 - Geospatial Insight Limited, Europe’s leading provider of satellite-derived alternative data, independent research and image analysis, today announced the launch of TankWatch, a new monitoring service which represents a significant development in the facility for global oil storage to be managed and monitored.

TankWatch uses image recognition and spectral profiling combined with rapid data processing to report on critical global oil storage terminal locations and provide unparalleled and time-sensitive insight into global oil inventories and storage levels. TankWatch uniquely combines cloud-penetrating radar imagery together with other very high-resolution satellite gathered information to ensure that the required data is captured, regardless of weather and visibility conditions. This combination of satellite and aerial data ensures that TankWatch is able to deliver the most accurate oil inventory analytics in the world, tailored to meet the needs of oil industry professionals and traders.

"The completion of Geospatial Insight's Series A fundraising last year has enabled us to invest significantly and thoughtfully in new satellite-based intelligence ad information sources for our global client base."

Dave Fox, CEO of geospatial Insight

Driven by the recognition that official reported data from the energy sector was not always robust or comprehensive, Geospatial Insight found that accurate and up-to-date Information regarding oil storage levels, particularly in some locations, was very difficult to source. In many cases it has been impossible to obtain for some countries and regions and when available, then often only at an aggregated level. TankWatch enables oil sector professionals to benefit from a more granular and reliable level of insight into current oil inventory levels, thereby gaining an understanding of the global trade balances of the physical oil market, with resultant advantage for corporate strategy and planning, fundamental analysis, trading and investing. Critically, TankWatch provides storage level data for each site within 24 hours of satellite image acquisition, ensuring that subscribers benefit from first-to-market advantage.

TankWatch uses actively tasked satellites to capture images at the same time in monthly, weekly, or client defined measurement periods with satellites focused on key oil storage locations across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean. A bespoke, premium service is also available to clients that have their own list of alternative locations where they require regular storage intelligence. TankWatch has been developed in collaboration with a major satellite company to guarantee a competitive edge over other services which ensures Geospatial Insight’s TankWatch is the market leading oil storage monitoring service.

"TankWatch offers what we believe is the very best in class oil storage information source, providing the most accurate, transparent and reliable oil storage intelligence, and ultimately value to our clients.

Dave Fox, CEO of geospatial Insight