LOCATE SOLAR Database Expands to Encompass Scotland and Wales

Geospatial Insight, the UK’s leading provider of clean energy geospatial solutions behind LOCATE SOLAR, proudly announces the expansion of its ground-breaking database to include Scotland and Wales. This strategic move solidifies LOCATE SOLAR as the most comprehensive and up-to-date national rooftop solar sustainability database across Great Britain.

The database’s impressive growth is underscored by the escalation of individual building entries from 23,000,000 to 29,000,000. Furthermore, the number of unique solar-centric attributes has surged from 20 to over 35, providing solar stakeholders in the public and private sectors with a wealth of data to enhance their clean energy strategies.

LOCATE SOLAR has already proven instrumental in assisting stakeholders within various local authorities and commercial entities. The database facilitates the rapid identification of environmentally and financially optimal deployment locations, enables the ranking and prioritisation of solar spending based on long-term return on investment statistics, and aids in assessing the pivotal role rooftop solar can play in wide-scale decarbonisation strategies.

In light of the Scottish Government’s recent commitment to a “much bigger, renewed focus” on solar power in the forthcoming Energy Strategy draft, the necessity for a comprehensive database becomes paramount. Stakeholders in both the public and private sectors require access to a tool specifically designed to not only identify opportunities but also quantify the level of improvement to the local environment and cost benefits over a 20-year horizon.

Dave Fox, Managing Director at Geospatial Insight, commented on the milestone, stating, “A multitude of local authorities and commercial enterprises are already reaping the benefits of utilising LOCATE SOLAR in their strategic pursuit of net-zero goals. The latest updates ensure that the platform now covers the entirety of Great Britain and encompasses more attributes than any other platform. This empowers stakeholders to realise their ambitions, irrespective of where they are in their journey.”