Welcome to our world

We are often asked exactly what it is we do here at Geospatial Insight! So, we thought we’d take the new year as an opportunity to explain the who, why, how and where of what we do

Over the coming weeks we’ll explain the sectors we serve and delve deeper into the methods and data sources we use. The linchpin of our business model is versatility in data sources, acquisition, analysis and delivery. Our business marries together two professions currently undergoing unprecedented growth, Remote Sensing/GIS and machine learning/data science.

Our client base falls under two key sectors: Insurance and Investment, here’s a little detail about both...


We are leveraging innovations in drone, satellite and aerial imagery and combining this with artificial intelligence expertise to revolutionise the insurance sector. We enhance traditional insurance data collection and assessment methods by providing a new source of actionable information that is derived from visual evidence. This Visual Intelligence provides insurers, loss adjusters and brokers with improved capabilities to monitor, analyse and respond to risk. Our data and analytics are used to provide intelligence that helps (re)insurers gain a greater knowledge and understanding of risks; enabling better pricing and enhancing risk selection. This generates a positive impact on loss ratios and the COR.


Geospatial Insight’s solutions for the Investment sector provide syndicated independent research reports and time-series datasets for quantitative investors or proprietary research insights for private clients, family offices and hedge funds. Our clients use our independent investment research to support due diligence on stocks being considered for portfolio entry. Our evidence-based, predictive analytics helps portfolio managers to understand and forecast likely changes in an asset’s value, enabling them to see change and use the insights to model the future.

More to follow on both sectors in the coming weeks, for now check our website or feel free to contact us to find out more about our work. www.geospatial-insight.com