Dave Fox

Near normal 2023 Atlantic hurricane season predicted by NOAA

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has released their forecast for the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season and they are predicting the first near normal season in over seven years. This is driven by several factors that are expected to supress hurricane activity including the high potential for El Nino to develop this summer.

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Harry Bogiatjis

An integrated solution for 3D Visualisation

The stereo 3D viewing experience has always had some issues associated with it, with standard screens suffering from dim lighting and requiring the use of 3D glasses. More recently, fewer graphics card vendors are supporting traditional stereo displays. Vision Engineering, a global optical and digital innovation and manufacturing company, have now changed the game. CONTOUR is the future of glasses-free 3D stereoscopic displays, designed specifically for GIS professionals.

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